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Monday, 4 September 2017

Boston and Down The Cape...

'So the days, the last days, blow about in memory...'

In the blink of an eye our time in New York was over and on Thursday morning we found ourselves on an Amtrak hurtling towards Boston. Goodbye city of dreams - and damn - it's good to meet yah Boston.
Clam chowder, the freedom trail, Harvard University - Boston has its fair share of renowned attractions. Being first time Bostoners ourselves, our stay here was more touristy. People had said it was a "small scale New York", although the pace was more leisurely, the shops more boutiquey and the people perhaps less pretentious...
The sun arrived with us in Boston, so we soaked up its rays whilst we strolled through the public garden and alongside the Charles River. Rowers rowed, people picnicked and runners raced around the park. 
Amongst sipping Shirley temples (no alcohol for this minor!) and chomping down lobster rolls (a pricey version of a prawn cocktail sarnie), we also toured Harvard University. Led by an enthusiastic Harvard student, we learnt about the treasured traditions. I won't ruin them for anyone hoping to do this tour at some point, but there is something magical about the myths - I love the idea that you can only go through the Harvard Gate twice (once when you join and once when you graduate)... If you break this your chances of graduating are cursed! (Might try and enforce this in Newcastle somewhere!)

In classic parent fashion, my Mum also insisted that we all engage with the history and culture of Boston. This resulted in us attending the Freedom Trail Tour, which I must admit was a short but sweet briefing on the American Revolution, and later the Boston Tea Party (which we concluded was for a younger audience).

During our evenings, we had many tasty meals in Boston - Eataly was an exciting Italian marketplace with a buzzing atmosphere (& tasty pizza!). 

The North End also boasts many authentic Italian restaurants - deffo worth a trip to a few!

Other pitstops included Faneuil Hall Market, Beacon Hill neighbourhood and a look around the Tall Ships. As Fathers Day was on our last day in Boston, my brother and I had surprised my Dad with an evening cruise focusing on the Tall Ships. Although much of the tour guide's jargon went straight over our non-expert heads, we savoured every last sunset hue.

With the arrival of Monday morning, it was time for my brother to depart from the USA (he chose a Stone Roses gig instead, pffft) and for my parents and I to drive over to Cape Cod. A stark contrast to the two cities we had just been in, The Cape (as it's known to by locals) is home to historic character and beautiful beaches.
Our stay here was brief but wonderfully organised thanks to the women who owned the inn we stayed in. (And may I just add that their inn - A Little Inn on Pleasant Bay - was the kind of place I have dreamt about owning!) Can life get anymore stress-free than birds-eye vistas of the bay and a side of homemade french toast for breakie? I'll take that any day!
(My horoscope also hit the nail on the head for my 2017 travels - yes, I did fall in love... With the cutest lil rescue dog!)

As well as exploring the local area, we also caught a ferry to Nantucket - a small island off Cape Cod. As the weather was a little cloudy, we opted for a bike ride around the island aided by a huge peanut butter and jelly sandwich... The energy was needed! Nantucket also has a plethora of bookshops, cafes and holiday houses to browse at.

Due to only having one other full day, we crammed in a road trip that took us through some of The Cape's top spots. From a pleasant few hours spent sunbathing on Marconi beach, to the colourful and fun Provincetown, it's no surprise that the enchanting Cape Cod is a popular holiday destination for many city inhabitants. As you've probably concluded, our trip was a major food fest, so I may as well confess my last luxurious dinner consisted of oysters (due to the abundance of fresh fish available in Cape Cod!).
As our plane soared above the Boston streets, I reflected on the many hidden gems we were yet to explore. But until next time Boston - cheers, you rock my sox(!).