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Sunday, 29 May 2016

The end of an era?

...A beautiful day with the buoyancy of a bird. To start, we had Manhattans at Joe Bell's; and when he heard of my good luck, champagne cocktails on the house. Later, we wandered towards Fifth Avenue, where there was a parade..."

Friday marked the end of "sixth form" for many students across the UK, including myself and others studying at Ilkley Grammar School.

After 7 years at my school, it was bound to be a day filled with tears, rejoice and, frankly, lots of alcohol. Our day commenced with an emotional assembly starring our very own talented pupils, before 150 students wearing red ties and white shirts began the notorious "pub crawl". 
12 hours and several drinks later, the majority had made it from The Cow and Calf pub, via seven other local pubs, to Wetherspoons. Well done us.

There's so much talk of the future for people our age - whether it be University, gap years or apprenticeships - that sometimes it becomes difficult to appreciate the people and support surrounding us. 

Suddenly time will have flown by and you'll be worrying after just discovering your first grey hair and the deadline for your article is due tomorrow and you've yet to make the lemon drizzle cake for your sibling's birthday and to top it all off your partner is refusing to make you a bloomin cup of tea whilst he lays sprawled out on the sofa. 

But then you return home. Reunite with Mum and Dad. Inhale that familiar washing powder scent. Devour Mum's homemade lasagne.   
Suddenly, everything is different, but everything is good.

Whatever it be that you are hoping to do, I wish you all the best.
Now let us begin our biggest project yet. The future.