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Friday, 19 February 2016

A passion for...?

"...all you have to do to kiss somebody is lean across. What I like most, they're so happy to see each other, they've saved up so much to talk about, it isn't possible to be dull, they keep laughing and holding hands..."

A week of food? Pancake day. Chinese New Year. Lent. Boxes of chocolates (whether they be from your lover or from the oh-so-loving discount aisle the day succeeding Valentines Day). Last week promoted finding something easy on the eye - yet not so kind on our body mass. 
Not only was there a food hype - but there was a big phenomena surrounding Valentines Day.
Far from the ordinary, Valentine's Day a year ago was a little unusual; spent on a 10 hour flight to New York City. Spent amongst 40 other students, it was not a lonely trip. (You can read about it here.) To those who worry about travelling amongst couples on Valentine's Day - fear not, the plane staff give you a chocolate heart as compensation.
This year, stepping off the train at Leeds, an undercurrent of ardour weaved itself inbetween the hands of couples; admiration flourished out the exchanged bouquets; evocative glances meant a reunion or a departure on one of the couples behalf. It's the epitome of passion yet chemistry blended with mystery - and there's a part we all want in on. 

And to those who know me well, I could be shamed a hypocrit; I was fortunate enough to be taken out for a surprise meal by my boyfriend on Sunday. But Valentine's Day has so often become synonymous with finding a person you love - what happened to falling head-over-heels for that passion within you? 

One love that will never fail me is my passion for travel. Especially for the concrete jungle - a place where my heart resides. I guess you could say it's a long distance relationship with New York (fitting that I spent last Valentines with it?).
Others find serenity in cooking, long walks, returning home after years of being away. Everyone's love is different. People think that fulfilment is finding someone - but you can be surrounded by a whole population of people and still feel like the loneliest person in the world. So, find that thing you love and don't ever let it go.