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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Snow Days

"'s cold. There's snow in the wind."

As the black winter nights we have all become accustomed to disappear, it has become apparent that we are leaving behind the shortest days. Instead we are greeted by lighter evenings and for some of us, the countdown to February holidays, Easter and the gradual decent into Spring.

That isn't however to say that the weather isn't still cold enough to turn our cheeks rosy and fingers numb. Having heard about the serious snow warnings in New York and getting our own share of snow here in Yorkshire last week, I thought it only suitable to dedicate this weeks' post to snow.
( ^ Ilkley Moor with a thin covering of snow )

The satisfying crunch of powdery snow compressing underneath a welly, the sprinkling of shimmery dust that covers the moors and the odd fleck of snow landing on a car windscreen are just 3 glorious reasons why I loved the snow here last week.

Snow Days can of course be an inconvenience for many people who can't get out, but for those of us lucky enough to spend the day curled up under a blanket, it's a blessing to escape work and just relax! 

How best to spend a snow day?
In the past, I've found that these three combined create the perfect recipe for spending a snow day wisely. You will need;
1). An unlimited supply of films // TV Series (Gossip Girl does the trick well)
2). Endless cups of hot chocolate (with lashings of whipped cream and marshmallows
3). A roaring fire to warm up those cold tootsies after sledging, a snowball fight or a walk outside.