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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Célébrations , Champagne et Bonne Chance!

' "We'll make a pot of coffee and celebrate. No. I'll get dressed and take you to lunch." '

The past week has been undoubtedly one of the best of my life. I've been in suspense, before living a surreal few days and now I'm ready to kickstart the Summer hols.
"Life is made of small moments like this"
Last weekend I attended Beat-Herder Festival alongside friends (and around half of my year group/town!!). The stress of carrying our tent and pitching it was soon forgotten about as the tinnies were cracked open and chairs were positioned into a circle under our gazebo (which blew down within about an hour).  

(^ Sharing shots, throwing some shapes on shoulders, with smiles all round. )
Throughout the day it was a case of chilling and amusing ourselves, resorting to henna patterns being drawn on our bodies and glitter spread across our faces. The selection of food vans was enough to burn a hole in your pocket, as just about every type was available - just as good sober as when drunk!

From around 4 o'clock, the music became audible from the arena and flocks of people herded down to the stages. When the sun dropped, the festival did not, however, become dark. Instead the fairy lights draped on the branches way up high encouraged an enchanting vibe that lead one through the forest to the stages.

Everything was brought alive at night... late night conversations, late night snacks and late night walks back to your tent. What could be better? 

Friends egging on friends to drink concoctions, getting them drunk and then having to look after them as a result.
But no-one seemed to care, after all - "A good friend gets you drunk then walks ya home afterwards." 
All-in-all, the festival was a fabulous celebration towards the end of our school year, which would be over in just 3 days.

I was not, however, in the most excitable mood as other were when the last bell went in school. Instead, I was rather nervous for my Driving Test that was the following day. 

Just 24 hours on though... I was clinking glasses with my Mum to my first time pass!

I am extremely grateful to my parents who were patient with me as I learnt to drive and also to my instructor.

We celebrated on Thursday with a mouthwatering Mexican and cocktails in Leeds and a spot of shopping. The evening continued with a celebratory meal with friends and these celebrations continued over the next few days.

(^ Present from my best friend for passing.)
I honestly couldn't have asked for a better start to the Summer Holidays and I'm so thankful.

I wish anyone else taking their test the very best of luck, stay calm & cruise those 
Happy Summer everyone xo