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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mallorca, I miss you (and Summer)

" Those final weeks, spanning end of Summer and the beginning of another autumn, are blurred in memory..."

Another season has dawned upon us, serving us as a reminder that those luxurious summer evenings of Pimms and a fresh insalata caprese are long gone, replaced by the comforts of spiced lattes and radiant fires on darker nights.

So to the savvy observer, who might wonder why I dedicate this blog post to a summer holiday in Mallorca; I am doing so in an attempt to transport me back to le soleil et les bons moments!  

Whatever your reason for taking a break - whether it be to unwind and spend time with family & friends, immerse into the culture or just to get wildly drunk - it can be agreed that everyone has a guilty pleasure.
Mine? Other than jealously eyeing the rather dark (handsome) locals, I adore listening into the tête-à-tête of the tourists and natives. The combination of the rapid dialogues with the subdue 's' sound evokes mystery, alongside passion and chemistry and we all want in on it!
Of course, interacting with the inhabitants is ever more exciting and the reward of speaking it when one finds the confidence is thrilling!

During the summer, we spent our first few days of our holiday in Palma...
Apartment no. 19 was found tucked away into the maze of similar looking, beige bricked streets in Palma, Mallorca. One could be awoken by the sound of horse and carriage bells rattling down the narrow roads and the waft of coffee from the cafes (located on every corner). 
Work women appeared unaffected by the heat, up early sipping their morning espresso's - long, brown hair slicked back into neat ponytails and eyes shielded by dark sunglasses whilst they spoke down their phones and scribbled away in their notepads. 

A city with endless options - bike rentals to see the sites, a beach to bathe on and hidden gems tucked away in the lanes - none of which will leave you disappointed.

After a few glorious days of city life (and a lot of shopping...), we drove about an hour away to Puerto de Pollença for our next half of the holiday...

An apartment with a view - every morning could be spent watching the beach gradually grow with visitors and the tide drawing in over the course of the day. The evenings would cast a pink glow over the hazy grey mountains until it turned dark.

Again, this destination has no shortage of things to do. Water sports, boat trips and markets are available during the day and nights can be spent right along the seafront sipping cocktails and indulging in paëlla dishes.

Writing this blogpost has not only transported me back, but has increased my craving to go traveling in a gap year. (Time I started planning!)

Summer, I will miss you and the bronzed tans you bless us with. However, that's not to say I don't welcome Autumn with open arms and a cuppa Hot Choc.