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Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Day

' Holly asked me to come early and help trim the tree '

(^ Decorating the Christmas Tree in December with our Rockefeller Center Bauble.)

Christmas Day - an eagerly awaited event that sadly, has flown us by in the twirl of a bauble. However, unlike other events that usually fall flat in the aftermath, we still have the leftover Turkey (which btw tastes even better on Boxing Day with Cranberry Sauce and bread), the Christmas Sales and of course the New Year.

Here are three reasons Christmas Day deserves appreciation:
  1. The revelation of the inner 5 year old in us all. 7:58a.m and I've never been so happy to leave the warmth of my bed - but perhaps that's because I'm giddy about delving my hand into my stocking hanging on my door. The pile of presents we all carry as we approach the dining room in our dressing gowns, the fire crackling and the waft of fresh pines dancing along the hallway is a guaranteed formula to make anyone smile.
  2. The non stop flow of canap├ęs, crackers and Christmas cheer. BANG!SNAP!CRACK! - no one likes the golf tees, nail clippers or hideous jokes inside the cracker, but somehow there's something rather satisfying pulling that cracker with a family member across the table.  
  3. The effort that everyone puts into it. Everyone contributes something towards Christmas - whether it's your parents preparing the dinner, brother topping up everyone's glasses or Grandpa cracking jokes that has everyone in stitches - it's a day of appreciation and living (until you hit the food coma that is).
' It would have taken a Rockefeller to decorate it, for it soaked up baubles and tinsel like melting snow.'

(^ Christmas Card & our lil reindeer decoration)

(^ Baking I did for Christmas Day: Iced Gingerbread biscuits and Gingerbread Winter Wonderland Cake.)
I hope you've all had a Holly Jolly Christmas, after all, it is the best time of the year... 
(^ and always remember, the Holly bears the crown)