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Sunday, 14 December 2014


' Holly lay back and yawned."It must be Winter sometime." '
 Like marmite, you love or you hate Winter. Me? I can't think of a more uplifting season. 

Here are 3 reasons why Winter is so lovable:
  1. The chance to wrap up in bulky knitted jumpers, chunky tartan scarves and puffy coats are not only acceptably stylish, but we also have an excuse to indulge in the lavish (and excessive) amount of Christmas food - and blame our 'plumper figures' on the style of clothing... Result! (NOTE: if people don't accept this theory, claim you're storing up puppy fat for the cold months).
  2. As mentioned in #1^, there is of course the changing of food stock in supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. The aroma of Gingerbread from coffee shops, the hearty pub meals advertised on chalkboards and the gust of warmth when stepping into a cafe is enough to convince anyone to love Winter, surely?    
    (^ I tucked into this delectable brie and pickle toast alongside a Cappuccino as a Birthday Lunch treat this week.)   

  3. There's an endless list of must see attractions to attend, no matter where you live or your budget. For me, the official declaration of Winter can only be described as stepping outside when the overwhelmingly numbing sense hits your nose and cheeks; making even smiling a challenge. This week has been no exception with frosty lawns and icy pavements! 

But even if you're not a lover of Winter, with Christmas fast approaching, it's difficult not to be absorbed into the spirit of it. With only a set number of days until the 25th, it's that hectic time of Christmas Cramming; to buy presents, meet friends and watch as many Christmas films as possible.