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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas in the City

"What I've found does the most good is just to get into a taxi and go to Tiffany's."
With only 4 days until Christmas, the festivity of the Season is at it's peak. On Friday I was lucky enough to travel by train to London for the day; primarily to soak up the jubilant atmosphere.

Usually, as soon as it hits Winter, Christmas consumes all my thoughts. However, this year I didn't feel it until walking into Foyles bookshop (between Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square). It reminded me of the bookshop "Fox & Sox" in the film "You've got Mail". Trimmed up with trees, tinsel and twinkly lights and about five floors high, it was packed with customers all eagerly searching for a Christmas read... Whether it be a present wrapped in their red ribbons and sparkly paper or something to read for the journey home.   

(^ Left: You've got Mail. Right: Foyles bookshop, London.) 

Amongst the other tube trips to Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street, a window visit to Tiffany's was of course inevitable... 

(19.12.14: Tiffany & Co. - 25 Old Bond Street London)

(Left: Enjoying Breakfast at Tiffany's. Right: Admiring the Window Displays at Tiffany's.)

Stood outside Tiffany's, it took me back to New York in Winter. The window displays never fail to disappoint so, if like for myself, the items inside Tiffany's are a little out of budget for you, it's definitely still worth a trip just to admire those.  

(Below: Winter Wonderland)                                                  (Below: Oxford Street)
During the evening, we also dashed to the Winter Wonderland before our train home. There's such a relaxed vibe there, with Beer Halls for the older members, an ice rink, big wheel alongside hundreds of wooden huts serving multicultural foods and drinks (and much more)!

If you're fortunate enough to get yourself down to London during Winter (this year or next), it's definitely one of the most memorable things you will do! Even if you can't get there, go to your nearest city or town as most hold events like Markets and almost everywhere throw up some lights... So why not take a flask of Christmas Cheer down and share it amongst friends and family, before clinking cups and wishing each other a very Merry Christmas.